Re-configured modular displays for promotional activity allows you to utilise existing or display hire material across a range of activations in a totally flexible way for displays of all shapes and sizes in a wide range of indoor/outdoor environments.

Octanorm, Maxima and be Matrix are universally recognised modular display systems providing total flexibility in display design.

Clients, who purchase a display asset, do so in the knowledge that key messages & branding can be quickly updated with overlay updates of 2D elements such as graphics, signage & Audio Visual content presented on the display.

Display hire with a modular approach if often a more affordable approach. It has the added bonus of eliminating storage & long haul storage fees. This allows us to manage projects anywhere worldwide in a cost effective, simple manner.

Display hire provides an opportunity to utilise the latest equipment, keeping you ahead of your competitors.  Again, simple updates to the 2D elements provides up to the minute contemporary, relevant identity pitched squarely at your audience to activate a positive response and/or buying decision.

There is of course a wide range of modular display systems on the market for purchase or hire. We will always propose the most suitable based on your individual circumstances, budget & local availability.