Attracting your audience with a powerful exhibition stand presence

Some companies believe that simply by presenting themselves in an exhibition format is to make good use of a powerful marketing tool. Our Display Solutions team, after attending a huge number of such events, with a wide range of customers, and in many and varied locations, truly believes that we need to reach far beyond such an objective.

Maximising any exhibition opportunity

As specialists in the hire, design, manufacture, construction and project management of custom-crafted exhibition stands, we appreciate that the key to success is taking advantage of the exhibition opportunity to begin, build, and strengthen those vital business relationships.

The key isn’t simply building an exhibition stand, or, in specific circumstances, event hospitality marquees, but to be part of a local, national or worldwide interest event with national pavilions, that allows you to be in face-to-face communication with a large part of your potential or current marketplace. Instead of having to search and locate, they’ve brought themselves within easy reach!

This is why well-used exhibition stands are firmly on the positive side of any cost v returns ledger calculation. Exhibitions help target key product buyers or service users, those key decision makers that you want to be in close contact with. They offer a vital opportunity to make many new customer connections, and strengthen those bonds already in place.

This is only one part of the real value of highlighting or strengthening your brand identity and image at your exhibition presence. At such events, you’ll also find opportunities to consider new suppliers. Such occasions are also useful for measuring and assessing any marketplace changes and trends.

Start to stand out now

Whether for a specific event or location, or as part of an ongoing project covering a series of exhibitions, the first step is to talk it through in an obligation-free consultation with a member of our Display Solutions Team. Make that call now to 0416 037 820 or take a few moments to complete our online enquiry form here and we’ll soon be in touch.