Introducing Be Matrix

One of the world-renowned companies we use to source our display materials is Be Matrix. This company is one of the most trusted suppliers internationally of modular systems for stands and events of all sizes and complexity. The finished creation gives an impression of permanence, yet boasts an easy modular construction. With Be Matrix, it’s what you don’t see that most appeals! Fixing textiles or panels onto the frames themselves, rather than between such structures, means the construction itself is barely visible.

The result is an increased graphic design presentation area and the cleanest of modern manufacture and design appearances. Panels can be quickly mounted by simply using Velcro, while a silicone strip keeps textiles in place. The finished construction can be side-lit with powerful LEDs or back-lit with plates.

Costs are kept to a minimum when using Be Matrix components and less damage is caused to the structure, thus extending its productive life and possibilities for reuse. Minor frame scratches are rarely even visible, and aluminium retains its quality over long periods of time. The system is pleasingly lightweight, reducing transportation costs, and is also easily and quickly built into a solid appearance position, and later can be swiftly deconstructed at the event conclusion.