Building upon the theme of mobility and Bosch’s technology and services in Autonomous Driving, the design is based around the idea of the connectivity, seamless movement and flow of transport which is accentuated through structural and graphic elements.

The layout plan is designed to tell a story around transportation with linear floor graphics segmenting and positioning the various technologies used in the eBike, Motorcycle and IAS along their journey. Concentric circles emanating from each display shows their connection and sensor technology used to map and understand their environment.

A key feature element of the exhibit is the ‘live’ video cross to the demonstrator vehicle at Albert Park. We will film the driver transferring from manual control to Auto Pilot mode. This will be streamed into the exhibit on an 80” High Definition LCD wall mounted monitor that will be positioned behind a stage. On stage will be a presenter with technician conversing with the driver and taking the audience through a live demonstration of the process.